Erysimum Kientzler Young Plants

Upright growing plants with bright flower colours for early spring

Erysimum from Kientzler:

  • frost-resistant plants with bright flowers in spring
  • colourful spring flowers
  • bushy to upright growth habit; 30-50 cm tall
  • for 12 cm to 3 L pots



Erysimum RYSI Copper
Erysimum RYSI 'Copper'


Erysimum POEM Lavender
Erysimum POEM 'Lavender'


Erysimum PEOM Lilac
Erysimum PEOM 'Lilac'


Erysimum RYSI Moon
Erysimum RYSI 'Moon'


Erysimum RYSI Winter Carnival
Erysimum RYSI 'Winter Carnival'


Erysimum  Winter Charm
Erysimum 'Winter Charm'


Erysimum  Winter Flame
Erysimum 'Winter Flame'


Erysimum  Winter Joy
Erysimum 'Winter Joy'


Erysimum  Winter Light
Erysimum 'Winter Light'


Erysimum  Winter Love
Erysimum 'Winter Love'


Erysimum  Winter Moon
Erysimum 'Winter Moon'


Erysimum  Winter Orchid
Erysimum 'Winter Orchid'


Erysimum  Winter Passion
Erysimum 'Winter Passion'


Erysimum  Winter Power
Erysimum 'Winter Power'


Erysimum  Winter Spice
Erysimum 'Winter Spice'


Erysimum  Winter Spirit
Erysimum 'Winter Spirit'


Erysimum  Winter Touch
Erysimum 'Winter Touch'




Erysimum  Mango Zwerg
Erysimum 'Mango Zwerg'


Erysimum  Zwerg
Erysimum 'Zwerg'


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