Petunia - assortment overview

Petunia young plants - trailing variety Raspberry Star
Petunia from Kientzler Young Plants - Reliable varieties with great summer performace!

Petunia-varieties with more compact plant habit - great pot presentation

Petunia Sugar Candy
Petunia 'Sugar Candy'

Petunia Sugar Plum
Petunia 'Sugar Plum'

Petunia-varieties with medium growth - nice pot presentation & trailing in summer

Petunia Blue Picotee
Petunia 'Blue Picotee'

Petunia Blueberry Star
Petunia 'Blueberry Star'

Petunia Grape Star
Petunia 'Grape Star'

Petunia Raspberry Star
Petunia 'Raspberry Star'

Petunia Duo Sternstunde
Petunia Duo 'Sternstunde'

Petunia Bordeaux
Petunia 'Bordeaux'

Petunia Merlot
Petunia 'Merlot'

Petunia Chocolina
Petunia 'Chocolina'

Petunia Corona Amethyst
Petunia 'Corona Amethyst'

Petunia Picasso in Pink
Petunia 'Picasso in Pink'

Petunia Purple Cream
Petunia 'Purple Cream'

Petunia Veranda Dark Blue
Petunia Veranda™ 'Dark Blue'

Petunia Veranda Hot Pink
Petunia Veranda™ 'Hot Pink'

Petunia Veranda Neon
Petunia Veranda™ 'Neon'

Petunia Veranda Orchid
Petunia Veranda™ 'Orchid'

Petunia Veranda Pink Morn
Petunia Veranda™ 'Pink Morn'

Petunia Veranda Purple
Petunia Veranda™ 'Purple'

Petunia Veranda Rose Vein
Petunia Veranda™ 'Rose Vein'

Petunia Veranda Salmon
Petunia Veranda™ 'Salmon'

Petunia Veranda Scarlet
Petunia Veranda™ 'Scarlet'

Petunia Veranda Yellow
Petunia Veranda™ 'Yellow'

Petunia Veranda White
Petunia Veranda™ 'White'

Petunia-varieties with medium vigour and small leaves - great weather resistance

Petunia Dreamstar
Petunia 'Dreamstar'

Petunia Daybreak
Petunia 'Daybreak'

Petunia Duo Sternschnuppe
Petunia Duo 'Sternschnuppe'

Petunia Pink Star
Petunia 'Pink Star'

Petunia Violet Star
Petunia 'Violet Star'

Petunia-varieties with medium vigour and double flowers

Petunia Amarena Twist
Petunia 'Amarena Twist'

Petunia Lavender Bouquet
Petunia 'Lavender Bouquet'

Petunia-varieties - trailing varieties

Petunia Cranberry Blast
Petunia 'Cranberry Blast'

Petunia Surfinia Baby Pink Vein
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Baby Pink Vein'

Petunia Surfinia Blue
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Blue'

Petunia Surfinia Burgundy
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Burgundy'

Petunia Surfinia Crazy Pink
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Crazy Pink'

Petunia Surfinia Deep Red
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Deep Red'

Petunia Surfinia Lime
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Lime'

Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Sky Blue'

Petunia Surfinia Shihi Purple
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Shihi Purple'

Petunia Surfinia Snow
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Snow'

Petunia Surfinia Violet
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Violet'

Petunia Surfinia Yellow
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Yellow'

Petunia Cascadias Bicolor Cabernet
Petunia Cascadias 'Bicolor Cabernet'

Petunia Mango Madness
Petunia 'Mango Madness'

Petunia Cascadias Rim Magenta
Petunia Cascadias 'Rim Magenta'

Petunia Conchita Azur
Petunia Conchita 'Azur'

Petunia Conchita Blueberry Frost
Petunia Conchita 'Blueberry Frost'

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