Kientzler novelties for 2015

Bed and balcony


Argyranthemum Bubblegum Blast
Argyranthemum 'Bubblegum Blast'

Argyranthemum Coconut Mallow
Argyranthemum 'Coconut Mallow'

Argyranthemum Raspberry Ruffles
Argyranthemum 'Raspberry Ruffles'

Argyranthemum Popcorn
Argyranthemum 'Popcorn'


Begonia Summerwings 'Pink Elegance'
Begonia Summerwings™ 'Pink Elegance'

Begonia Summerwings 'Coral Elegance'
Begonia Summerwings™ 'Coral Elegance'


Bracteantha Sunbrella Magenta
Bracteantha Sunbrella 'Magenta'

Bracteantha Sunbrella Pink
Bracteantha Sunbrella 'Pink'

Bracteantha Sunbrella Light Pink
Bracteantha Sunbrella 'Light Pink'

Bracteantha Sunbrella Orange
Bracteantha Sunbrella 'Orange'

Bracteantha Sunbrella Red
Bracteantha Sunbrella 'Red'


Bidens Lemon Moon
Bidens 'Lemon Moon'

Bidens Popstar
Bidens 'Popstar'

Bidens Tweety Compact 2015
Bidens 'Tweety Compact 2015'

Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique

The new standard for growers and horticultural professionals! SUPERBELLS™ UNIQUE excel through their excellent branching as well as their uniform growth and flowering. In addition SUPERBELLS™ UNIQUE tolerate high levels of pH very well and have a good outside performance over summer.
Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Lilac
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Lilac'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique White
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'White'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Lavender
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Lavender'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Dark Pink
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Dark Pink'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Golden Yellow
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Golden Yellow'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Plum
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Plum'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Light Red
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Light Red'

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique Pink
Calibrachoa Superbells™ Unique 'Pink'


Cleome Senorita Blance 2015
Cleome 'Señorita Blance 2015'

Cleome Senorita Carolina
Cleome 'Señorita Carolina 2015'


Dahlia Dalina Maxi Sonora
Dahlia Dalina™ Maxi 'Sonora'

Dahlia Dalina Maxi Cadena
Dahlia Dalina™ Maxi 'Cadena'

Dahlia Dalina Maxi Colima
Dahlia Dalina™ Maxi 'Colima' (DAELLEVE(S))

Dahlia Dalina Maxi Topia
Dahlia Dalina™ Maxi 'Topia' (DA12(S))

Dahlia Dalina Maxi Zarco
Dahlia Dalina™ Maxi 'Zarco' (DATREOGTYVE(S))

Diascia Breezee™ Plus

A new breeding approach brings the "Plus" for Diascia Breezee™. The new varieties show big flowers over healthy foliage all summer long. Very robust and tolerant towards weather conditions.
Diascia Breezee Plus Appleblossom
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Apple Blossom'

Diascia Breezee Plus Coral
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Coral'

Diascia Breezee Plus Apricot
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Apricot'

Diascia Breezee Plus Pink
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Pink'

Diascia Breezee Plus Red
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Red'

Diascia Breezee Plus Patel
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'Pastel'

Diascia Breezee Plus White
Diascia Breezee™ Plus 'White'


Felicia Forever Blue
Felicia 'Forever Blue'


Fuchsia Shadowdancer Marcia Improved
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Marcia Improved'

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Sophia
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Sophia'

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Lea
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Lea'

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Helena
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Helena'

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Nora
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Nora'

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Albina
Fuchsia Shadowdancer™ 'Albina'


Geranium Orkney Cherry
Geranium 'Orkney Cherry' (BREMERRY (S))

Gaura Freefolk Rosy
Gaura 'Freefolk Rosy'


Gerbera Everlast Wine
Gerbera Everlast™ 'Wine'


Impatiens Paradise Jaco
Impatiens Paradise™ 'Jacó'

Impatiens Paradise Carmona
Impatiens Paradise™ 'Carmona'

Impatiens Paradise Compact Chico
Impatiens Paradise™ Compact 'Chico'

Impatiens Sunpatiens

Impatiens Sunpatiens Electric Orange
Impatiens Sunpatiens 'Electric Orange'

Impatiens Sunpatiens Hot Coral
Impatiens Sunpatiens 'Hot Coral'

Lobelia Lobelix

The new LOBELIX Lobelia stand for perfecty round plant habit and flower power till autumn!
Lobelia Lobelix Blue
Lobelia Lobelix 'Blue'

Lobelia Lobelix Blue White Eye
Lobelia Lobelix 'Blue White Eye'

Lobelia Lobelix Lilac
Lobelia Lobelix 'Lilac'

Lobelia Lobelix White
Lobelia Lobelix 'White'

Nemesia Sunsatia™

Nemesia Sunsaita Little Orange, Vanilla, & Coco 2015
Nemesia Sunsaita Little 'Orange', 'Vanilla', & 'Coco 2015'

Nemesia Sunsatia Berry Delight
Nemesia Sunsatia™ 'Berry Delight'

Nemesia Sunsatia Strawberry 2015
Nemesia Sunsatia™ 'Strawberry 2015'


A new approach in breeding brings forward the SUMMERSMILE: a new series of Osteospermum flowering all summer long.

Osteospermum Summersmile Cream
Osteospermum Summersmile 'Cream'

Osteospermum Summersmile Soft Violet
Osteospermum Summersmile 'Soft Violet'

Osteospermum Summersmile Yellow
Osteospermum Summersmile 'Yellow'


Petunia Cranberry Blast
Petunia 'Cranberry Blast'

Petunia Chocolina
Petunia 'Chocolina'

Petunia Cascadias Indian Summer
Petunia Cascadias 'Indian Summer'

Petunia Cascadias Rim Magenta
Petunia Cascadias 'Rim Magenta'

Petunia Cascadias Bicolor Cabernet
Petunia Cascadias 'Bicolor Cabernet'

Petunia Crazytunia Black Mamba
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Black Mamba'

Petunia Crazytunia Cherry Cheesecake
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Cherry Cheesecake'

Petunia Crazytunia Pulse
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Pulse'

Petunia Crazytunia Mandevilla
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Mandevilla'

Petunia Crazytunia Red Blues
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Red Blues'

Petunia Crazytunia Star Jubilee
Petunia Crazytunia™ 'Star Jubilee'

Petunia Surfinia-Snow
Petunia 'Surfinia Snow'

Petunia Supercal Cherry Improved
Petunia Supercal™ 'Cherry Improved'


Salvia Cobalt Candle
Salvia 'Cobalt Candle'

Salvia White Candle
Salvia 'White Candle'


Sanvitalia Minibini
Sanvitalia 'Minibini'


Sutera Everest Ice
Sutera Everest 'Ice'


Verbena Vepita Fire Star
Verbena Vepita™ 'Fire Star'

Verbena Vepita Sky Blue
Verbena Vepita™ 'Sky Blue'

Verbena Vepita White 2015
Verbena Vepita™ 'White 2015'

Verbena Cloud
Verbena 'Cloud'

TrioMio TrioMio Sunsatia Little Solero
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Little Solero'

TrioMio Sunsatia Little Sunshine
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Little Sunshine'

TrioMio Sunsatia Happy
TrioMio™ Sunsatia&trade: 'Happy'

TrioMio Sunsatia Sunshine
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Sunshine'

TrioMio Amigos
TrioMio™ 'Amigos'

TrioMio Friends
TrioMio™ 'Friends'

TrioMio Jive
TrioMio™ Sunsatia&trade: 'Jive'

TrioMio Tweety Jazz
TrioMio™ 'Tweety Jazz'

TrioMio Tweety Funk
TrioMio™ Tweety Funk

TrioMio Superbells Flamenco
TrioMio™ Superbells™ 'Flamenco'

TrioMio Superbells Salso
TrioMio™ Superbells™ Salsa

TrioMio Lobelix Splash
TrioMio™ Lobelix 'Splash'


Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
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Crazytunia is a registered trademark owned by Westhoff, Heinrich
Surfinia is a registered trademark owned by Suntory Flowers Ltd., Japan. Dalina is a registered trademark owned by Dalina ApS., Denmark. Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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