Buddleja BUZZ

Buddleja Kientzler Young Plants

Bushy Lilac with lots of flowers in summer - a favourite for butterflies

Buddleja BUZZ from Kientzler:

  • very floriferious compact plants, suitable for containers or to plant in the ground
  • hardy shrub
  • bushy - upright plant habit; 40 - 80 cm tall (depening on the variety). Can get up to 1,50 m in the following years.
  • for 13 cm pots up to 3 L containers



Buddleja BUZZ Ivory
Buddleja BUZZ 'Ivory'


Buddleia BUZZ Magenta
Buddleia BUZZ 'Magenta'


Buddleia BUZZ Midnight
Buddleia BUZZ 'Midnight'


Buddleja BUZZ Pink Purple
Buddleja BUZZ 'Pink Purple'


Buddleja BUZZ Sky Blue
Buddleja BUZZ 'Sky Blue'


Buddleia BUZZ Velvet
Buddleia BUZZ 'Velvet'


Buddleia BUZZ Violet
Buddleia BUZZ 'Violet'


Buddleia BUZZ Wine
Buddleia BUZZ 'Wine'



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