Eupatorium 'Elegant Feather' Frü
The Spring Fling assortment is a convenient combination of frost-hardy spring-flowering cultivars and complementary foliage varieties for balcony, containers and terraces.
THE ORIGINAL Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' deserves its own website. Full of ideas and combiantions demonstrates the wide range and possibilities that 'Diamond Forst' offers for the private gardener.
Discover the highlights from Proven Winners and find planting ideas together with plant recommendations for your private balcony, terrace and garden.
For years one of the most successful plant concepts in the ornamental industry: Autumn Magic is an innovative assortment of frost-hardy flowering and foliage plants for balcony, terrace and garden.
Crafted vegetables for garden and patio.

Botanical Garden Else Kientzler:
Discover the wonderfull word of the Botanical Garden Else Kientzler in Costa Rica.

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