Floriferous Echinacea for terracce and patio.

Echinacea from Kientzler:

  • attractive, long-lasting flowers; favoured by bees
  • annual plant (can take some frost)
  • upright plant habit; 30-50 cm (depending on the variety)
  • best suitable for conainers of 2-3L; Conetto also for smaller pot sizes



Echinacea for pot sizes of 13 cm up to 2-3L containers:

Echinacea  Butterfly Kisses
Echinacea 'Butterfly Kisses'


Echinacea Conetto Orange
Echinacea Conetto 'Orange'


Echinacea Conetto Banana
Echinacea Conetto 'Banana'


Echinacea Conetto Melon
Echinacea Conetto 'Melon'


Echinacea Conetto Lemon
Echinacea Conetto 'Lemon'


Echinacea for 2-3L containers:

Echinacea  Minibelle
Echinacea 'Minibelle'


Echinacea Delicious Ice
Echinacea Delicious 'Ice'


Echinacea Delicious Delicious
Echinacea Delicious 'Delicious'


Echinacea KISMET Raspberry
Echinacea KISMET 'Raspberry'


Echinacea KISMET White
Echinacea KISMET 'White'


Echinacea KISMET Yellow
Echinacea KISMET 'Yellow'


Echinacea MEDITATION White
Echinacea MEDITATION 'White'


Echinacea Prima Saffron
Echinacea Prima 'Saffron'


Echinacea SENSATION Pink
Echinacea SENSATION 'Pink'


Echinacea SENSATION Coral
Echinacea SENSATION 'Coral'


Echinacea Sunny Days Ruby
Echinacea Sunny Days 'Ruby'



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