Garden Diamonds - The valuable plant combinations with Diamond Frost

Garden Diamonds from Kientzler Young Plants

Garden Diamonds are a new premium segment for modern horticulture.

The combination of three varieties result in a high value product for the end consumer.
We recommend to pot the three young plants in a 15 or 17 cm pot for a good perception at retail.

Garden Diamonds - colourfull and trendy:

  • well proven combinations with 'Diamond Frost'
  • for bigger pot - 15 or 17 cm
  • uniform growth and flowering

Garden Diamonds - overview:

GardenDiamonds Dark Fire
GardenDiamonds 'Dark Fire'

GardenDiamonds Funny Blue
GardenDiamonds 'Funny Blue'

GardenDiamonds Funny Red
GardenDiamonds 'Funny Red'

GardenDiamonds Midnight Elegance
GardenDiamonds 'Midnight Elegance'

GardenDiamonds Sweet Funny
GardenDiamonds 'Sweet Funny'

GardenDiamonds French Diamonds
GardenDiamonds 'French Diamonds'

GardenDiamonds Spanish Diamonds
GardenDiamonds 'Spanish Diamonds'


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