Tough plant with good flower performance in summer

Gaura from Kientzler:

  • Elegant flower spikes bring height and structure in mixed plantings.
  • frost tolerant plant
  • upright, 30-60cm tall (depending on the variety)
  • 11-19cm pot



Gaura  Flamingo Pink
Gaura 'Flamingo Pink'


Gaura  Freefolk Rosy
Gaura 'Freefolk Rosy'


Gaura  Karalee White
Gaura 'Karalee White'


Gaura  Lillipop Pink
Gaura 'Lillipop Pink'


Gaura  Nova
Gaura 'Nova'


Gaura  Rosyjane
Gaura 'Rosyjane'


Gaura  Snowbird
Gaura 'Snowbird'



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