Heliopsis Kientzler Young Plants

Large, golden-yellow flowers - all summer long

Heliopsis from Kientzler::

  • bright yellow flowers, which last for an extremely long time
  • hardy perennial
  • upright, 40-60 cm tall (depending on the variety)
  • Perfect for 2-3 liter containers, but also for smaller pot sizes.



Heliopsis  Piccolo Sole
Heliopsis 'Piccolo Sole'


Heliopsis  Punto Rosso
Heliopsis 'Punto Rosso'


Heliopsis  Sole d'Oro
Heliopsis 'Sole d'Oro'


Heliopsis  Sole Doppio
Heliopsis 'Sole Doppio'


Heliopsis  Sole Giatto
Heliopsis 'Sole Giatto'


Heliopsis  Sole Magica
Heliopsis 'Sole Magica'


Heliopsis  Sole Scuro
Heliopsis 'Sole Scuro'



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