Winter-green perennial with colourfull foliage

Heuchera from Kientzler:

  • versatile perennial for the terrace, balcony or in the garden
  • hardy perennial
  • bushy plant habit, about 15-30cm
  • for smaller pots and large containers alike



Heuchera with compact growth habit:

Heuchera BABY BELLS Amberous
Heuchera BABY BELLS 'Amberous'


Heuchera  Black Forest Cake
Heuchera 'Black Forest Cake'


Heuchera  Blackberry Jam
Heuchera 'Blackberry Jam'


Heuchera Little Cuties Blondie
Heuchera Little Cuties 'Blondie'


Heuchera BABY BELLS Dark Desire
Heuchera BABY BELLS 'Dark Desire '


Heuchera  Frosty Night
Heuchera 'Frosty Night'


Heuchera BABY BELLS Lime Swizzle
Heuchera BABY BELLS 'Lime Swizzle'


Heuchera  Lord Lime
Heuchera 'Lord Lime'


Heuchera Little Cuties Peppermint
Heuchera Little Cuties 'Peppermint'


Heuchera  Red Fury
Heuchera 'Red Fury'


Heuchera  Silver Duke
Heuchera 'Silver Duke'


Heuchera  Silver Gumdrop
Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop'


Heuchera  Starry Night
Heuchera 'Starry Night'




Heuchera with medium vigour:

Heuchera  Amber Lady
Heuchera 'Amber Lady'


Heuchera  Beautiful Dancer
Heuchera 'Beautiful Dancer'


Heuchera  Champagne
Heuchera 'Champagne'


Heuchera  Chateau Rouge
Heuchera 'Chateau Rouge'


Heuchera  Créme Brûlée
Heuchera 'Créme Brûlée'


Heuchera  Dragon Tail
Heuchera 'Dragon Tail'


Heuchera  Emerald Queen
Heuchera 'Emerald Queen'


Heuchera  Fire Alarm
Heuchera 'Fire Alarm'


Heuchera  Forever Red
Heuchera 'Forever Red'


Heuchera  Frosted Flame
Heuchera 'Frosted Flame'


Heuchera  Lime Marmalade
Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade'


Heuchera  Mint Marquess
Heuchera 'Mint Marquess'


Heuchera  Paprika
Heuchera 'Paprika'


Heuchera  Paris
Heuchera 'Paris'


Heuchera  Purple Petticoats
Heuchera 'Purple Petticoats'


Heuchera  Purple Pride
Heuchera 'Purple Pride'


Heuchera  Royal Ruby
Heuchera 'Royal Ruby'


Heuchera  Seasons King
Heuchera 'Seasons King'


Heuchera  Shiny
Heuchera 'Shiny'


Heuchera  Sugar Frosting
Heuchera 'Sugar Frosting'


Heuchera  Sweet Princess
Heuchera 'Sweet Princess'


Heuchera  Timeless Orange
Heuchera 'Timeless Orange'


Heuchera  Wild Rose
Heuchera 'Wild Rose'




Vigorous Heuchera:

Heuchera  Black Pearl
Heuchera 'Black Pearl'


Heuchera  Forever Purple
Heuchera 'Forever Purple'


Heuchera  Hint of Dawn
Heuchera 'Hint of Dawn'



Heucherella  Alabama Sunrise
Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise'


Heucherella  Buttered Rum
Heucherella 'Buttered Rum'


Heucherella  Stoplight
Heucherella 'Stoplight'



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