Petunia Veranda

Early blooming Petunia with medium vigour and medium-sized flowers

Our best choice for the up-to-date grower.

Petunia VERNDA™:

  • rich & early flowering
  • tight plant habit with good branching
  • uniform series


Petunia VERANDA Azur
Petunia VERANDA 'Azur'


Petunia VERANDA Dark Blue
Petunia VERANDA 'Dark Blue'


Petunia VERANDA Hot Pink
Petunia VERANDA 'Hot Pink'


Petunia VERANDA Lilac Vein
Petunia VERANDA 'Lilac Vein'


Petunia VERANDA Little Picasso
Petunia VERANDA 'Little Picasso'


Petunia VERANDA Neon
Petunia VERANDA 'Neon '


Petunia VERANDA Orchid
Petunia VERANDA 'Orchid'


Petunia VERANDA Pink Morn
Petunia VERANDA 'Pink Morn'


Petunia VERANDA Purple
Petunia VERANDA 'Purple'


Petunia VERANDA Rose Vein
Petunia VERANDA 'Rose Vein'


Petunia VERANDA Scarlet
Petunia VERANDA 'Scarlet'


Petunia VERANDA White
Petunia VERANDA 'White'




Petunia Surfinia

Surfinia: the favourite trailing Petunia

Strong growing Petunia.

Petunia SURFINIA™:

  • trailing Petunia with good performance in summer
  • well-known by the end consumer


Petunia SURFINIA Baby Pink Vein
Petunia SURFINIA 'Baby Pink Vein'


Petunia SURFINIA Blue
Petunia SURFINIA 'Blue'


Petunia SURFINIA Blue Ocean
Petunia SURFINIA 'Blue Ocean'


Petunia SURFINIA Burgundy
Petunia SURFINIA 'Burgundy'


Petunia SURFINIA Crazy Pink
Petunia SURFINIA 'Crazy Pink'


Petunia SURFINIA Deep Red
Petunia SURFINIA 'Deep Red'


Petunia SURFINIA Lime
Petunia SURFINIA 'Lime'


Petunia SURFINIA Shihi Purple
Petunia SURFINIA 'Shihi Purple'


Petunia SURFINIA Sky Blue
Petunia SURFINIA 'Sky Blue'


Petunia SURFINIA Snow
Petunia SURFINIA 'Snow'


Petunia SURFINIA Trailing Dark Yellow
Petunia SURFINIA 'Trailing Dark Yellow'


Petunia SURFINIA Violet
Petunia SURFINIA 'Violet'


Petunia SURFINIA Yellow
Petunia SURFINIA 'Yellow'


CONCHITA™ trailing Petunia

Petunia CONCHITA Blueberry Frost
Petunia CONCHITA 'Blueberry Frost'





KUYAMBA: early & vigorous

Well branched trailing petunia with early flowering.

Petunia KUYAMBA:

  • nice plant habit & good presentation as pot crop
  • early blooming
  • good vigour


Petunia KUYAMBA Light Purple
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Light Purple'


Petunia KUYAMBA Lilac Blue
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Lilac Blue'


Petunia KUYAMBA Pink
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Pink'


Petunia KUYAMBA Pink Vein
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Pink Vein'


Petunia KUYAMBA Red
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Red'


Petunia KUYAMBA Salmon
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Salmon'


Petunia KUYAMBA White
Petunia KUYAMBA 'White'




Petunia VISTA


VISTA: Power-Petunia

Non-stop flowering.

Petunia VISTA™:

  • tough & robust Petunia varieties
  • strong growing with good branching
  • bright flower colours
  • highly successfull in the USA !
  • Mini VISTA: tough Petunia varieties with smaller leaves and flowers; very weather tolerant!


Petunia VISTA Bubblegum
Petunia VISTA 'Bubblegum'


Petunia VISTA Candy
Petunia VISTA 'Candy'


Petunia VISTA Jazzberry
Petunia VISTA 'Jazzberry'


Petunia VISTA Paradise
Petunia VISTA 'Paradise'


Petunia VISTA Silverberry
Petunia VISTA 'Silverberry'


Petunia VISTA Snowcarpet
Petunia VISTA 'Snowcarpet'



Petunia MINI VISTA Coral
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Coral'


Petunia MINI VISTA Hot Pink
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Hot Pink'


Petunia MINI VISTA Pink Star
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Pink Star'


Petunia MINI VISTA Violet
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Violet'


Petunia MINI VISTA Violet Star
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Violet Star'


Petunia MINI VISTA White
Petunia MINI VISTA 'White'


Petunia MINI VISTA Yellow
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Yellow'



Petunia from Kientzler presented in online videos:

Petunia-novelties 2022


Trailing Petunia in the home garden
Trailing Petunia in the home garden





Petunia Beautical

BEAUTICAL - Petunia with vivid colours

Tough Petunia with good weather tolerance.


  • bright flower colours
  • more upright growth habit, slightly trailing in summer


Petunia BeautiCal Bordeaux
Petunia BeautiCal 'Bordeaux'


Petunia BeautiCal Caramel Yellow
Petunia BeautiCal 'Caramel Yellow'


Petunia BeautiCal Cinnamon
Petunia BeautiCal 'Cinnamon'


Petunia BeautiCal French Vanilla
Petunia BeautiCal 'French Vanilla'


Petunia BeautiCal Pearl White
Petunia BeautiCal 'Pearl White'


Petunia BeautiCal Red Maple
Petunia BeautiCal 'Red Maple'


Petunia BeautiCal Sunray Pink
Petunia BeautiCal 'Sunray Pink'


Petunia BeautiCal Sunset Orange
Petunia BeautiCal 'Sunset Orange'


Petunia BeautiCal Yellow Sun
Petunia BeautiCal 'Yellow Sun'





Special Petunia varieties

Attractive colour patterns and flowers forms.

Petunia from Kientzler:

  • success at retail and in the home garden


Petunia  Amarena Twist
Petunia 'Amarena Twist'


Petunia  Black Spot
Petunia 'Black Spot'


Petunia  Blue Picotee
Petunia 'Blue Picotee'


Petunia  Bordeaux
Petunia 'Bordeaux'


Petunia  Cardinal Rim
Petunia 'Cardinal Rim'


Petunia  Cassis Queen
Petunia 'Cassis Queen'


Petunia  Chocolina
Petunia 'Chocolina'


Petunia  Cranberry Blast
Petunia 'Cranberry Blast'


Petunia  Mango Madness
Petunia 'Mango Madness'


Petunia  Mayberry Blast
Petunia 'Mayberry Blast'


Petunia  Merlot
Petunia 'Merlot'


Petunia  Pink Wheel
Petunia 'Pink Wheel'


Petunia  Priscilla Pro
Petunia 'Priscilla Pro'


Petunia  Pure Raspberry
Petunia 'Pure Raspberry'


Petunia  Purple Wheel
Petunia 'Purple Wheel'


Petunia  Raspberry Star
Petunia 'Raspberry Star'


Petunia  Royal Lace
Petunia 'Royal Lace'


Petunia  Sugar Candy
Petunia 'Sugar Candy'


Petunia  Sugar Plum
Petunia 'Sugar Plum'


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