Sedum flowering varieties

Drought-resistant, winter hardy, flowering perennial

Sedum from Kientzler:

  • drought-toerant "Heat-Expert" with attractive pink flowers in late summer & autumn
  • winter hardy perennial
  • upright growht habit, up to 30-40cm tall
  • for 10-14cm pots, or lager containers (2-3 L) depending on the variety.



Sedum  Carl
Sedum 'Carl'


Sedum  cauticolum
Sedum 'cauticolum'


Sedum  Dark Canyon
Sedum 'Dark Canyon'


Sedum  Grand Canyon
Sedum 'Grand Canyon'


Sedum  Herbstfreude
Sedum 'Herbstfreude'


Sedum SUNSPARKLER Lime Twister
Sedum SUNSPARKLER 'Lime Twister '


Sedum SUNSPARKLER Lime Zinger
Sedum SUNSPARKLER 'Lime Zinger '


Sedum  Limetta
Sedum 'Limetta '


Sedum  Olive Valley
Sedum 'Olive Valley'


Sedum  Painted Pebble
Sedum 'Painted Pebble'


Sedum  Red Canyon
Sedum 'Red Canyon'


Sedum  Rocky
Sedum 'Rocky'


Sedum  Sedum Sun Sparkler Cherry Tart
Sedum 'Sedum Sun Sparkler Cherry Tart '


Sedum  Sedum Sun Sparkler Dazzleberry
Sedum 'Sedum Sun Sparkler Dazzleberry '


Sedum  Sedum Sun Sparkler Wildfire
Sedum 'Sedum Sun Sparkler Wildfire '


Sedum foliage varieties

Hardy perennial with attractive foliage.

Sedum from Kientzler:

  • Heat & drought-resistant plant with attractive foliage
  • hardy perennial
  • mounding plant habit; 15-20cm tall
  • for 10-14 cm pots



Sedum  Blue Cushion
Sedum 'Blue Cushion'


Sedum  Chocolate Ball
Sedum 'Chocolate Ball'


Sedum  dasyphyllum
Sedum 'dasyphyllum'


Sedum  Dragon's Blood
Sedum 'Dragon's Blood'


Sedum  floriferum
Sedum 'floriferum'


Sedum  Green Ball
Sedum 'Green Ball'


Sedum  Lemon Ball
Sedum 'Lemon Ball'


Sedum  Little Missy
Sedum 'Little Missy'


Sedum  sexangulare
Sedum 'sexangulare'


Sedum  Silver Rose
Sedum 'Silver Rose'


Sedum  tetractinum
Sedum 'tetractinum'


Sedum  Tokyo Sun
Sedum 'Tokyo Sun'


Sedum  Tricolor
Sedum 'Tricolor'


Sedum  Yellow Bouquet
Sedum 'Yellow Bouquet'


Sedum  Yellow Cushion
Sedum 'Yellow Cushion'



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