Balkonpflanzen von Kientzler

Kientzler novelties for 2024

Bed and balcony

Angelonia Angelface Pink 2024
Angelonia Angelface 'Pink 2024'


Begonia SUMMERWINGS Ebony & Orange 2024
Begonia SUMMERWINGS 'Ebony & Orange 2024'


Begonia SUMMERWINGS Dark Coral Elegance
Begonia SUMMERWINGS 'Dark Coral Elegance '


Bidens  Mini Bee Sun
Bidens 'Mini Bee Sun'


Bidens  Mini Bee Crown
Bidens 'Mini Bee Crown'


Bracteantha SUNBRELLA White 2024
Bracteantha SUNBRELLA 'White 2024'


Bracteantha GRANVIA Pink Improved
Bracteantha GRANVIA 'Pink Improved'


Calibrachoa POCKET Rose 2024
Calibrachoa POCKET 'Rose 2024'


Calibrachoa Unique Hot Pink 2024
Calibrachoa Unique 'Hot Pink 2024'


Calibrachoa Unique Double Velvet Red 2024
Calibrachoa Unique 'Double Velvet Red 2024'


Calibrachoa Unique Double Yellow
Calibrachoa Unique 'Double Yellow'


Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS Over Easy
Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS 'Over Easy'


Calibrachoa Unique Double Rose
Calibrachoa Unique 'Double Rose'


Calibrachoa Unique Apricot Punch
Calibrachoa Unique 'Apricot Punch'


Dianthus MINION Dark Red
Dianthus MINION 'Dark Red'


Dianthus SUMMER DIAMONDS Little Rose
Dianthus SUMMER DIAMONDS 'Little Rose'


Fuchsia Shadowdancer Anna 2024
Fuchsia Shadowdancer 'Anna 2024'


Fuchsia Shadowdancer Carolina 2024
Fuchsia Shadowdancer 'Carolina 2024'


Fuchsia  Sun Coral
Fuchsia 'Sun Coral'


Gazania  Suncarpet
Gazania 'Suncarpet'


Impatiens Sunpatiens Red Candy
Impatiens Sunpatiens 'Red Candy '


Jamesbrittenia SAFARI Dusk
Jamesbrittenia SAFARI 'Dusk'


Jamesbrittenia SAFARI Wine
Jamesbrittenia SAFARI 'Wine'


Nemesia Fairy Kisses Boysenberry 2024
Nemesia Fairy Kisses 'Boysenberry 2024'


Nemesia Sunsatia plus Little Berry
Nemesia Sunsatia plus 'Little Berry'


Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE Yellow 2024
Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE 'Yellow 2024'


Petunia VERANDA Neon 2024
Petunia VERANDA 'Neon 2024'


Petunia KUYAMBA Red
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Red'


Petunia BeautiCal Red Maple
Petunia BeautiCal 'Red Maple'


Petunia BeautiCal Yellow Sun
Petunia BeautiCal 'Yellow Sun'


Petunia MINI VISTA Coral
Petunia MINI VISTA 'Coral'


Petunia VISTA Snowcarpet
Petunia VISTA 'Snowcarpet'


Petunia KUYAMBA Salmon
Petunia KUYAMBA 'Salmon'


Petunia VISTA Candy
Petunia VISTA 'Candy'


Petunia  Pink Wheel
Petunia 'Pink Wheel'


Petunia SURFINIA Trailing Dark Yellow
Petunia SURFINIA 'Trailing Dark Yellow'


Sutera  Everest Dark Blue 2024
Sutera 'Everest Dark Blue 2024'


Terrassen-Rose  So Zen
Terrassen-Rose 'So Zen'


Thunbergia AMERA Rose Pink
Thunbergia AMERA 'Rose Pink'


Thunbergia AMERA Mango Eye
Thunbergia AMERA 'Mango Eye'


Thunbergia AMERA Vanille
Thunbergia AMERA 'Vanille'


Thunbergia AMERA Chocolate
Thunbergia AMERA 'Chocolate'


Thunbergia AMERA Golden Eye
Thunbergia AMERA 'Golden Eye'


Torenia VIVIA Pink
Torenia VIVIA 'Pink'


Torenia VIVIA Purple
Torenia VIVIA 'Purple'




Petunia TrioMio Sunburst
Petunia TrioMio 'Sunburst'


Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
Sunbrella is a registered trademarks owned by Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG.
Vepita is a registered trademarks owned by Innovaplant GmbH & Co. KG.
Superbells und Vista are registered trademarks owned by Proven Winners Ltd.
Surdiva is a registered trademark owned by Suntory Flowers Ltd.

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