Balkonpflanzen von Kientzler

Kientzler novelties for 2020

Bed and balcony

Angelonia Angelface Blue 2020
Angelonia Angelface 'Blue 2020'


Argyranthemum  Margarita
Argyranthemum 'Margarita'


Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS Sweet Love
Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS 'Sweet Love'


Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS Holy Cow
Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS 'Holy Cow'


Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS Tangerine Star
Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS 'Tangerine Star'


Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS Evening Star
Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS 'Evening Star'


Calibrachoa UNIQUE Orange
Calibrachoa UNIQUE 'Orange'


Calibrachoa POCKET Rose
Calibrachoa POCKET 'Rose'


Dianthus TOUCH Big Touch
Dianthus TOUCH 'Big Touch'


Diascia Breezee White 2020
Diascia Breezee 'White 2020'


Impatiens Paradise Torito
Impatiens Paradise 'Torito'


Impatiens Paradise Rokoko Beatrice
Impatiens Paradise Rokoko 'Beatrice'


Laurentia  Patti's Pink
Laurentia 'Patti's Pink'


Nemesia SUNSATIA UP Mirabelle
Nemesia SUNSATIA UP 'Mirabelle'


Nemesia SUNSATIA UP Carunda
Nemesia SUNSATIA UP 'Carunda'


Nemesia SUNSATIA UP Yumberry
Nemesia SUNSATIA UP 'Yumberry'


Nemesia SUNSATIA plus  Granada 2020
Nemesia SUNSATIA plus 'Granada 2020'


Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE Light Pink
Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE 'Light Pink'


Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE Cream 2020
Osteospermum SUMMERSMILE 'Cream 2020'


Petunia BeautiCal Bordeaux
Petunia BeautiCal 'Bordeaux'


Petunia BeautiCal Caramel Yellow
Petunia BeautiCal 'Caramel Yellow'


Petunia BeautiCal Cinnamon
Petunia BeautiCal 'Cinnamon'


Petunia BeautiCal French Vanilla
Petunia BeautiCal 'French Vanilla'


Petunia BeautiCal Sunray Pink
Petunia BeautiCal 'Sunray Pink'


Petunia VERANDA Pink Morn
Petunia VERANDA 'Pink Morn'


Petunia  Cardinal Rim
Petunia 'Cardinal Rim'


Petunia  Sugar Candy
Petunia 'Sugar Candy'


Petunia  Cassis Queen 2020
Petunia 'Cassis Queen 2020'


Petunia  Mango Madness
Petunia 'Mango Madness'


Sutera  White Yeti
Sutera 'White Yeti'


Verbena VEPITA Dark Red 2020
Verbena VEPITA 'Dark Red 2020'


Verbena VEPITA Lavender White 2020
Verbena VEPITA 'Lavender White 2020'


Verbena VEPITA Violet Kiss
Verbena VEPITA 'Violet Kiss'


Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
Lobelix, Summersmile, Springstar, Sunbrella, Vepita, Zauberschnee are registered trademarks owned by Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
Summerwings are registered trademarks owned by Innovaplant GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. Proven Winners, Sunsatia, Superbells, Veranda are registered trademarks owned by Proven Winners Ltd., United Kingdom.
Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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