TrioMio™ - the perfect match for colour!

TrioMio from Kientzler Young Plants

Tri-coloured plants have gained an important position in the horticultural market: colourfull plants are trendy and favoured by the end consumer.

TrioMio™ is a selection of carefully trialed and proven combinations, excelling in their uniform growth and flower habit, as well as in their characters as a threefold combo during the summer season. The well matched trios keep their proportions over summer and bring sustaining joy into the private gardens.

TrioMio - harmonisch und farbenfroh:

  • proven collection of tri-coloured plants
  • uniform growth
  • well matched flowering
  • Perfect for impulse buying!


TrioMio™ Overview:


TrioMio Superbells Flamenco
TrioMio™ Superbells™ 'Flamenco'

TrioMio Mambo
TrioMio™ 'Mambo'

TrioMio Superbells Salsa
TrioMio™ Superbells™ 'Salsa'

TrioMio 'Swing'
TrioMio™ 'Swing'

TrioMio 'Zumba'
TrioMio™ 'Zumba'


TrioMio Sunsatia 'Alegria'
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Alegria'

TrioMio Sunsatia Happy
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Happy'

TrioMio Sunsatia 'Solero'
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Solero'

TrioMio Sunsatia 'Tutti Frutti'
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Tutti Frutti'

TrioMio Sunsatia 'Little Alegria'
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Little Alegria'

TrioMio Sunsatia Little Solero
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Little Solero'

TrioMio Sunsatia Little Sunshine
TrioMio™ Sunsatia™ 'Little Sunshine'

TrioMio Friends
TrioMio™ 'Friends'

TrioMio Amigos
TrioMio™ 'Amigos'

TrioMio Karoo 'Poetry'
TrioMio™ Karoo™ 'Poetry'

TrioMio Jive
TrioMio™ 'Jive'


TrioMio Vepita 'Charme'
TrioMio™ Vepita™ 'Charme'

TrioMio Vepita 'Fashion'
TrioMio™ Vepita™ 'Fashion'

TrioMio Vepita 'Fireworks'
TrioMio™ Vepita™ 'Fireworks'

TrioMio Vepita 'Incense'
TrioMio™ Vepita™ 'Incense'

Verbena & Bidens

TrioMio 'Tweety Pop'
TrioMio™ 'Tweety Pop'™

TrioMio 'Tweety Jazz'
TrioMio™ 'Tweety Jazz'

TrioMio 'Tweety Funk'
TrioMio™ 'Tweety Funk'

TrioMio Tweety Wave
TrioMio™ 'Tweety Wave'

weitere TrioMio

TrioMio 'Fantasia'
TrioMio™ 'Fantasia'

TrioMio Sutera 'Everest'
TrioMio™ Sutera 'Everest'

TrioMio Tropical Night
TrioMio™ 'Tropical Night'™

TrioMio branded container

Branded containers for TrioMio are available on request via Teku: ordering form

Please note:
TrioMio, Sunsatia and Vepita are registered trademarks owned by Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG.
Karoo and Superbells are registered trademarks owned by Proven Winners Ltd., Groß Brittanien.
Supercal is a registered trademark owned by Sakata Ornamentales Europe A/S.

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