TrioMio™ - the perfect match for colour!

TrioMio from Kientzler Young Plants

Tri-coloured plants have gained an important position in the horticultural market: colourfull plants are trendy and favoured by the end consumer.

TrioMio™ is a selection of carefully trialed and proven combinations, excelling in their uniform growth and flower habit, as well as in their characters as a threefold combo during the summer season. The well matched trios keep their proportions over summer and bring sustaining joy into the private gardens.

TrioMio - harmonisch und farbenfroh:

  • proven collection of tri-coloured plants
  • uniform growth
  • well matched flowering
  • Perfect for impulse buying!


TrioMio™ Overview:


Calibrachoa TrioMio Flamenco
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Flamenco'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Mambo
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Mambo'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Merengue
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Merengue'


Calibrachoa TrioMio POCKET
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'POCKET'


Calibrachoa TrioMio POCKET Mambo
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'POCKET Mambo'


Calibrachoa TrioMio POCKET Zumba
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'POCKET Zumba'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Poesie
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Poesie'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Salsa
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Salsa'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Swing
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Swing'


Calibrachoa TrioMio Zumba
Calibrachoa TrioMio 'Zumba'




Nemesia TrioMio Alegria
Nemesia TrioMio 'Alegria'


Nemesia TrioMio Amigos
Nemesia TrioMio 'Amigos'


Nemesia TrioMio Happy
Nemesia TrioMio 'Happy'


Nemesia TrioMio Karoo Poetry
Nemesia TrioMio 'Karoo Poetry'


Nemesia TrioMio Little Alegria
Nemesia TrioMio 'Little Alegria'


Nemesia TrioMio Little Solero
Nemesia TrioMio 'Little Solero'


Nemesia TrioMio Little Sunshine
Nemesia TrioMio 'Little Sunshine'


Nemesia TrioMio Solero
Nemesia TrioMio 'Solero'


Nemesia TrioMio Tutti Frutti
Nemesia TrioMio 'Tutti Frutti'




Verbena TrioMio Vepita Fireworks
Verbena TrioMio Vepita 'Fireworks'


Verbena TrioMio VEPITA Charme
Verbena TrioMio 'VEPITA Charme'


Verbena TrioMio VEPITA Fashion
Verbena TrioMio 'VEPITA Fashion'


Verbena TrioMio VEPITA Incense
Verbena TrioMio 'VEPITA Incense'



Verbena & Bidens

Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Rocky Pop
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Rocky Pop'


Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Sweetie Funk
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Sweetie Funk'


Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Sweetie Jazz
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Sweetie Jazz'


Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Sweetie Wave
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Sweetie Wave'


Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Tweety Pop
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Tweety Pop'


Bidens-Verbena TrioMio Tweety Pop Sweetie
Bidens-Verbena TrioMio 'Tweety Pop Sweetie'



more TrioMio

  Bee Fabulous
'Bee Fabulous'


  Bee Licious
'Bee Licious'


Bidens TrioMio Bidens
Bidens TrioMio 'Bidens'


Petunia TrioMio Bonfire
Petunia TrioMio 'Bonfire'


Sutera TrioMio Everest
Sutera TrioMio 'Everest'


Delosperma TrioMio Golden Fire
Delosperma TrioMio 'Golden Fire'


Hypoestes TrioMio HIPPO
Hypoestes TrioMio 'HIPPO'


Petunia TrioMio Jive
Petunia TrioMio 'Jive'


Delosperma TrioMio Orange White
Delosperma TrioMio 'Orange White'


Lobelia TrioMio Splash
Lobelia TrioMio 'Splash'


Petunia TrioMio Sunburst
Petunia TrioMio 'Sunburst'


Petunia TrioMio Sundowner
Petunia TrioMio 'Sundowner'


Bidens TrioMio Sunshine Red
Bidens TrioMio 'Sunshine Red'


Petunia TrioMio Tropical Night
Petunia TrioMio 'Tropical Night'


Plectranthus TrioMio Wicked Lime
Plectranthus TrioMio 'Wicked Lime'


TrioMio branded container

Branded containers for TrioMio are available on request via Teku: ordering form



TrioMio ideas in the garden
TrioMio ideas in the garden


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