The Kientzler group - an overview:

Besides the mother company in Gensingen (Germany), Kientzler benefits from three subsidiaries around the world:

  • Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG (Gensingen)
  • InnovaPlant GmbH & Co. KG (laboratories services, research & development; in Gensingen)
  • InnovaPlant de Costa Rica S.A. (mother stock facility in Costa Rica)
  • Inflora Krakow Sp. z o.o., Poland (laboratory in Poland)

Kientzler office in Gensingen

Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG

In Gensingen, Kientzler produces on an area of 53.000 m² on two locations young plants for the horticultural industry in Europe. Here the rooting of the unrooted cuttings takes place which come from various suppliers around the world. About 120 people work here throughout the year with 80 seasonl workers supporting during the peak season.

Kientzler greenhouses in Gensingen


InnovaPlant GmbH & Co. KG

In 1992 InnovaPlant was founded as a subsidiary of Kientzler. InnovaPlant is active in breeding, product development and royalty administration and is a valuable source of new plant varieties. In addition InnovaPlant runs two up-to-date tissue culture laboratories, supporting the breeding work and enabling a reliable supply of clean elite stock plants for the group.

InnovaPlant laboratory in Gensingen


InnovaPlant de Costa Rica S.A.

InnovaPlant de Costa Rica S.A. was founded 1994 at a former coffee plantation in the highlands of Costa Rica. An average temperature of 20°C together with high light levels create ideal conditions for high quality unrooted cuttings. On 120.000 m² up-to-date greenhouses, the mother stock for various cultivars of bedding plants, Chrysanthemum and perennials are cultivated. About 600 people at InnovaPlant de Costa Rica give their best to supply our international partner companies around the world with reliable and healthy cuttings.
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InnovaPlant de Costa Rica


Inflora Krakow Sp. z o.o., Poland

In 1993 Iris Kientzler founded the tissue culture laboratory Inflora in Krakow, Poland. Here the mass multiplication of selected in vitro-cultivars takes place, focusing on high valued-perennials, which are marketed around the world.
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Inflora Krakow

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