Proven Winners

Proven Winners

The company Kientzler is a founding member of the european Proven Winners group, which consists of 6 innovative, european young plants-producers. Together with the Proven Winners groups in North America, Japan, South Africa and Australia, Proven Winners represents a worldwide network of horticultural companies, acting globaly and at the same time well established in their respective home countries.

It is the common mission of Proven Winners to look out for innovative and high-quality varieties, to trial and select the best plants and to introduce these proven winner-varieties in the international market.

The name "Proven Winners" is not just the name of the group, but at the same time a promise for quality for all Proven Winners-products. The plants earning the PW-seal originate from up-to-date breeding results, abendening all kind of genetic engineering. Plant varieties from Proven Winners and Kientzler stand for an innovative and promising assortment for the horticultural grower, trade and the consumer at home.

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