Seasonal plant concepts

The combination of well selected plant spcies and varieties to seasonal concepts became an important idea for success for the up-to-date horticulturist as well as for the end-consumer in his garden. Carefully selected for best growing results and accompanied by professional marketing, the seasonal plants bring best results at the private gardeners terracce, patio or garden.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling (FrühlingsFlirt™) - celebrating spring!

After a long winter, consumers are hungry for colour and vivid plants. The Spring Fling assortment is a convincing combination of frost-hardy spring-flowering cvs and complementary foliage varieties for balconies, containers adn terracce. In producton, Spring Fling varieties excel through their ease of cultivation and low heating requirements, presenting a good alternative to standard primrose and pansies. Cutting-edge varieties that represent the very latest in breeding spark impulse sales and serve to guarantee a coulorfull and successful start of the season.

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Autumn Magic

Autumn Magic (Herbstzauber™) - The definite plant collection for late summer to late autumn.

Everybody talkes about the Autumn Magic (Herbstzauber™) brand, which stands for an assortment of high-end, high-quality plants that can be mixed & matched in countless ways - and for a dynamic assortment that is constantly being improved and upgraded.
The botanical diversity is one of the strengths of the Autumn Magic varieties, fascinating and creative autumn vignettes can be conjured up for terracce, patio or for cemetery plantings.

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Gourmet Magic (Gourmetzauber™) - crafted vegetables for garden and terracce.

With Gourmet Magic (Gourmetzauber™), we offer you a wonderful selection of modern and heirloom vegetable varieties that have all been grafted onto robust, disease-resistant rootstocks, making them perfect for the home gardener. By grafting these varieties, a reliable harvest and high yields is guaranteed, even on poor soils, protecting these tasty varieties from root diseases.

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