Gourmetzauber - Delicious and healthy plants from Kientzler

Goumet Magic from Kientzler Young Plants

GOURMET MAGIC brings together a great selection of vegetables for the end consumer with a special selection for container varieties which are suitable for balcony or smaller gardens. .

Gourmet Magic:

  • delivious and easy to care
  • crafted varieties & young plants from seed
  • fruits in various colours and shapes
  • marketing material available

Gourmet Magic overview:

Varieties for home gardening

Cherry-tomato fruits

Tomato Apresa
Tomato 'Apresa'

Tomato Black Cherry
Tomato 'Black Cherry'

Tomato Cookie
Tomato 'Cookie'

Tomato Orange Fizz
Tomato 'Orange Fizz'

Tomato Pepe
Tomato 'Pepe'

Tomato Trilly
Tomato 'Trilly'

Tomato Tropical
Tomato 'Tropical'

medium-sized tomato fruits

Tomato Agro
Tomato 'Agro'

Tomate Gagliardo
Tomate 'Gagliardo'

Tomato Hamlet
Tomato 'Hamlet'

Tomato Maestria
Tomato 'Maestria'

Tomato Previa
Tomato 'Previa'

Tomato Grünes Zebra
Tomato 'Grünes Zebra'

large tomato fruits

Tomate Coeur de Boeuf
Tomate 'Coeur de Boeuf'

Tomato Country Taste
Tomato 'Country Taste'

Tomato Fleurette
Tomato 'Fleurette'

Tomato Fuji Pink
Tomato 'Fuji Pink'

Orange Queen
Tomate 'Orange Queen'

Tomato Schwarze Krim
Tomato 'Schwarze Krim'


Cucumber Euphya
Cucumber 'Euphya'

Cucumber Paska
Cucumber 'Paska'

Gurke Magnum
Gurke 'Magnum'


Paprika  Atris
Paprika 'Atris'

Paprika  Conyl
Paprika 'Conyl'

Paprika  Coronor
Paprika 'Coronor'

Paprika  Fundador
Paprika 'Fundador'

Sweet Potatos

Ipomoea Beauregarde
Ipomoea 'Beauregarde'

Ipomoea Evangeline
Ipomoea 'Evangeline'

Ipomoea Murasaki
Ipomoea 'Murasaki'

Ipomoea Orleans
Ipomoea 'Orleans'


Aubergine Elisa
Aubergine 'Elisa'


Aubergine Jackpot
Aubergine 'Jackpot'

Chili Basket of Fire
Chili 'Basket of Fire'

Chili Cayennetta
Chili 'Cayennetta'

Cucumber Iznik
Cucumber 'Iznik'

Cucumber Rocky
Cucumber 'Rocky'

Mexikanische Minigurke
Cucumber solana 'Mexikanische Minigurke'

Fragaria Delicado
Fragaria 'Delicado'

Paprika  Snacky Orange
Paprika 'Snacky Orange'

Paprika  Snacky Red
Paprika 'Snacky Red'

Paprika  Snacky Yellow
Paprika 'Snacky Yellow'

Tomato Lizzano
Tomato 'Lizzano'

Tomato Siderno
Tomato 'Siderno'



Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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