Balkonpflanzen von Kientzler

Kientzler novelties for 2019

Bed and balcony

Argyranthemum Golden Butterfly
Argyranthemum 'Golden Butterfly'


Argyranthemum Citrus
Argyranthemum 'Citrus'


Argyranthemum Vanilla Latte
Argyranthemum 'Vanilla Latte'


Begonia Summerwings Double Cream
Begonia Summerwings™ 'Double Cream'


Begonia Tropical Sunset
Begonia 'Tropical Sunset'


Bracteantha Sunbrella Bronze
Bracteantha Sunbrella™ 'Bronze'


Bracteantha Sunbrella Magenta
Bracteantha Sunbrella™ 'Magenta 2019'


Bracteantha Sunbrella Red
Bracteantha Sunbrella™ 'Red 2019'


Bidens Mini Bee
Bidens 'Mini Bee'


Bidens Spicy Margerita
Bidens 'Spicy Margerita'


Bidens Stoplight
Bidens 'Stoplight'


Bidens Bee White
Bidens 'Bee White'


Bidens Duo Sunfire
Bidens Duo 'Sunfire'


Calibrachoa Unique Blue Violet
Calibrachoa Unique 'Blue Violet 2019'


Calibrachoa Pocket
Calibrachoa Pocket Dark Pink
Calibrachoa Pocket 'Dark Pink'


Calibrachoa Pocket Light Red
Calibrachoa Pocket 'Light Red'


Calibrachoa Pocket Lilac
Calibrachoa Pocket 'Lilac'


Calibrachoa Pocket White
Calibrachoa Pocket 'White'


Calibrachoa Pocket Yellow
Calibrachoa Pocket 'Yellow'


Calibrachoa Superbells™
Calibrachoa Superbells Double Magenta
Calibrachoa Superbells™ 'Double Magenta'


Calibrachoa Superbells Grape Punch
Calibrachoa Superbells™ 'Grape Punch'


Calibrachoa Superbells Pink Starburst
Calibrachoa Superbells™ 'Pink Starburst'


Calibrachoa Superbells Orange 2019
Calibrachoa Superbells™ 'Orange 2019'


Calendula Powerdaisy Tango
Calendula Powerdaisy 'Tango'


Dahlia Dalina Merida
Dahlia Dalina™ 'Merida'


Euphorbia Diamond Snow
Euphorbia Diamond Snow


Impatiens Bonita Macau
Impatiens Bonita™ 'Macau'


Impatiens Nicoya
Impatiens Bonita™ 'Nicoya 2018'


Impatiens Bonita Quepos
Impatiens Bonita™ 'Quepos 2018'


Impatiens Sunpatiens™
Impatiens Sunpatiens Orchid Blush
Impatiens Sunpatiens™ 'Orchid Blush'


Laurentia Beths Blue
Laurentia 'Beth's Blue'


Lobularia Princess in Purple
Lobularia 'Princess in Purple 2019'


Nemesia Fairy Kisses
Nemesia Fairy Kisses Boysenberry
Nemesia Fairy Kisses 'Boysenberry'


Nemesia Fairy Citrine
Nemesia Fairy Kisses 'Citrine'


Nemesia Fairy Kisses Vanilla Berry
Nemesia Fairy Kisses 'Vanilla Berry'


Osteospermum SummerSmile™
Osteospermum Summersmile Copper
Osteospermum SummerSmile™ 'Copper'


Osteospermum Summersmile Rosy White
Osteospermum SummerSmile™ 'Rosy White'


Osteospermum Summersmile Sunrise
Osteospermum SummerSmile™ 'Sunrise 2019'


Petunia Buzz Purple
Petunia 'Buzz Purple'


Petunia Cassis Queen
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Cassis Queen'


Petunia Pure Raspberry
Petunia 'Pure Raspberry'


Petunia Sangria Star
Petunia 'Sangria Star'


Petunia Surfinia Ocean Blue
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Ocean Blue'


Petunia Surfinia Trailing Red
Petunia Surfinia™ 'Trailing Red'


Sanvitalia Goldbini
Sanvitalia 'Goldbini'


Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet
Scaevola Surdiva 'Blue Violet'


Scaevola Surdiva Fashion Pink
Scaevola Surdiva 'Fashion Pink'

Sutera Everest Dark Blue
Sutera Everest 'Dark Blue 2019'


Sutera Everest Ice
Sutera Everest 'Ice 2019'


Sutera Everest Pink
Sutera Everest 'Pink'


Thunbergia Brownie
Thunbergia 'Brownie'


Verbena Vepita™
Verbena Vepita Carmine Kiss
Verbena Vepita™ 'Carmine Kiss'


Verbena Vepita™ Up
Verbena Vepita Up Burgundy
Verbena Vepita™ Up 'Burgundy'

Verbena Vepita Up Hot Pink
Verbena Vepita™ Up 'Hot Pink'


Verbena Vepita Up Lavender
Verbena Vepita™ Up 'Lavender'


Verbena Vepita Up White
Verbena Vepita™ Up 'White'

Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
Lobelix, Summersmile, Springstar, Sunbrella, Vepita, Zauberschnee are registered trademarks owned by Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
Summerwings are registered trademarks owned by Innovaplant GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. Proven Winners, Sunsatia, Superbells, Veranda are registered trademarks owned by Proven Winners Ltd., United Kingdom.
Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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