Sommertopf Pflanzen von Kientzler

Kientzler novelties for 2019

Summer Colour

Anemone Wild Swan
Anemone 'Wild Swan'

Echinacea Kismet Intense Orange
Echinacea KISMET 'Intense Orange'

Echinacea Kismet Yellow
Echinacea KISMET 'Yellow'

Heliopsis Punto Rosso Jungpflanzen
Heliopsis 'Punto Rosso'

Phlox Summerstar White
Phlox SUMMERSTAR 'White'

Salvia Ignition Purple
Salvia 'Ignition Purple'

Salvia Rockin Deep Purple
Salvia ROCKIN 'Deep Purple'

Salvia Rockin Fuchsia
Salvia ROCKIN 'Fuchsia'


Please note:
(S): protected variety, royalties due; commercial propagation without licence prohibited.
*: EUPBR protection applied for.
Conetto™ is registered trademark owned by Proven Winners Europe Ltd., UK
Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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