Summer Colour - ideal for sales after the bedding plants season

Our Summer Colour programme, as a follow-up to the bedding plants season, extends the selling season with high-quality, innovative crops for the grower , adn fulfils the consumer's desire for beautiful, fresh plants all summer long. - Discuver the benefits of the Summer Colour programme for yourself , and give your customers what they are really looking for!

Silene 'Sparkling Rose'
By end of May the new Silene 'Sparkling Rose' starts producing intens pink flowers and keeps on flowering till the autumn. Cold resistent, but not fully hardy, she grows up to a height of 40cm.
Stokesia Peachie's Pick

Rich in flowers, Stokesia 'Peachie's Pick' is a great summer plant with semi-double flowers from July till October.

Calendula Powerdaisy Sunny
Powerdaisy 'Sunny' is a well branching Calendula, which flowers whole Summer. It is steril, self-cleaning and shows good restistance against mildew.

Rudbeckia Summerina 'Orange'
Well branching and rich in flowers Rudbeckia Summerina 'Orange' brings forward big copper-orange flowers in summer.
Cyperus Nofretete
The compact and well branched Cyperus 'Nofretete' is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor purpose.

Aeonium 'Tip Top'
Aeonium 'Tip Top' has a very compact, dense habit, constantly bringing forth a multitude of side shoots.
'Violet Riot' is a bushy Salvia nemorosa with good flower performace.
Scabiosa 'Mariposa Blue'
The well branching Scabiosa 'Mariposa Blue' starts flowering end of May. Hardy!

Salvia GoGo Scarlet Unmatched performance: Salvia GoGo 'Scarlet' are its partner GoGo 'Purple' are interspecific, sterile selections of Salvia. They bring a multitude of bright flower spikes all summer long, and quickly develop into quite impressive specimens - up to 120 cm in height and width, emanating an aura of luminescence and all-season splendour. Spectacular in large, decorative containers, either in full sun or partial shade.

Salvia 'Midnight Candle' is a versatile S. farinacea with deep midnight-blue flower stems - early, floriferous and very robust.

Salvia farinacea Midnight Candle

Round habit and full of blooms: Coreopsis are a perfect plant for summer sales and early Autumn Magic (Herbstzauber™).
Physostegia 'Snow Dragon'
Physostegia 'Snow Dragon': A precocious and floriferous selection of the "Obedient Plant", with distinctive, snow-white "dragon-head" flowers from late June onwards.
These highly valued selections of Scabiosa are at their peak for June-sales.

Veronica Veronique
Veronique is a group of upright growing, fully hardy Veronica with white, pink or blue flower clolours.
Nepeta Cat's Meow
With their countless little lilac-blue florets over silver-green foliage Nepeta 'Cat's Meow' and 'Pursian Blue' are veritable flowering machines - and a fully hardy garden perennial as well.

Echinacea Conetto Melon
What makes Echinacea Conetto™ so outstanding is the extremely fast crop time, without any need for vernalization. The bushy-compact Conetto™-duet (Coco and Melon) brings forth a multitude of densely branched flowers in pink and white up to the first frost. Potted in March in a 2L container the 30cm tall Conetto are ready for sale in June. Not reliably hardy; requieres protection and good drainage in winter.
Cleome Señorita Rosalita

Anyone who has grown Cleome 'Señorita Rosalita' will be equally enthused by 'Señorita Blanca'. Both varieties are interspecific hybrids generated in our own breeding department - robust, excellent branching, non-stop flowering, and without the spines usually associated with Cleome. Excellent as a post-season crop for large containers, and planting later with outdoor cultivation will reliably produce more compact, high-quality plants. A true eye-catcher: the orchid-like flowers contrast nicely with the decorative foliage.

Phlox Summerstars
Rich in flowers and with a bushy plant habit, Phlox Summerstars are a highly appreciated addition in the summer container-assortment of Kientzler. The two varieties 'Lavend ofr' and 'Rose' are sun-loving and easy to care. They start flowering mid of June.
Opening Act' is a group of compact and well branching Phloy hybrids with pink or white flowers, showing a good heat tolerance and resistance against mildew.
Bracteantha Totally Yellow
'Totally Yellow': an everlasting extraordinaire - extremely floriferous, especially robust, with healthy dark-green foliage, early to flower, with 6 cm large, brilliant gold flower heads. Compact in habit, but robust enough to work well in combos. Long flowering season, ideal for the entire sales season! Convincing to both the professional grower as well as to the consumer.
Cosmos Chocamocha
The Chocamochas "chocolate flower" bred by the renowned British company Thompson & Morgan is loved all around the globe! The elegant, velvety dark maroon-brown flowers emit a luscious cocoa scent. We offer a range of high-end marketing tools to trigger impulse sales at retail.
Chrysocephalum 'Desert Cold' is an improved form of the Australian native is particularly long-flowering and floriferous; great for summer and early-autumn sales.

Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder'
A series of winter-hardy "Iceflowers" that flower profusely in bright colours - and are quick in cultivation. The Delosperma WHEELS OF WONDER varieties bring forth particularly large flowers that also open on lessthansunny days, and are perfect companions at retail with groundcover Sedum varieties.
Gypsophila 'Summer Sparkle'

The hardy Gypsophila 'Summer Sparkles' shows a rich flower show on a compact, well branched plant. Starting by mid of June, the plants re-blooms three weeks after the first flowers are spent.

Gerbera Everlast
The extremely robust and healthy Everlast™ varieties offer high-performance garden gerberas that are reliably hardy when planted in somewhat sheltered, well-drained locations.
Tagetes Gold Medal
This exciting new variety 'Gold Medal' is an interspecific hybrid between two Tagetes species. Compared with seed-raised varieties, 'Gold Medal' not only flowers much earlier and is more floriferous, but also performs reliably all summer long, is self-cleaning and sterile. Exceptional in combos, or as a specimen plant.
Leucanthemum Angel
Hardy Shasta daisies are an ideal summer crop. 'Angel', which starts flowering as early as May, showes great reblooming over summer.

Rhynchospora Sternentänzer The dark green, heat- and moisture loving star-gras (Rhynchospora) hails from the marshed of North America and brings forth a multitude of white-green, star-shaped flowers. Very versatile, but not reliably hardy.

The Angelface™ has become very popular as a follow-up crop to the standard bedding plant season. These sturdy, non-brittle varieties have much larger "angelface" florets and are reminiscent of delphiniums.

Angelonia Angelface

Kniphofia Popsicle offer a bright bouquet of flowers in four colours. Flower time of these day neutral varieties only depends on their age and temperature during cultivation. Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle
Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle

Hibiscus Summerific are impressive perennials with huge flowers.

Digitalis Isoplexis Illumination 'Flame'
As breeding result out of an inter-specific cross, Digitalis 'Illumination Flame' flowers all summer long from June till the first frost. Potted in March, the plants develop to great container specimens for terrace or the garden.
Heliopsis Tuscan Sun

'Tuscan Sun' is a compact selection of the perennial Ox-eye (Heliopsis). It sports large, golden-yellow flowers from June through to the first frost. Attractive summer crop for summer and autumn sales, but also an excellent and fully hardy garden perennial with additional potential as a cut-flower.

Gaura Rosyjane
Gaura 'Rosyjane' showes bicolored flowers on upright spikes; excellent remontant characteristics.
Geranium Rozanne
A perennial geranium that flowers all season long, with non-stop appeal - 'Rozanne™' is the tried-and-true variety in the Kientzler assortment.
Oenothera Lemon Drop
Oenothera 'Lemon Drop' is bushy in habit, thus ideal for larger containers, hanging baskets and mixed window boxes.

Buddleja BUZZ BUZZ™ - the new generation of the popular "butterfly bush"! Intense breeding has taken to hitherto rather coarse and wildlooking shrub to a whole new level of interest for growers and consumer: BUZZ™ varieties are extremely compact and bushy in habit! Ideal for staggered production and sales from summer well into autumn. Wonderful as container specimen, but also perfect for mixed combos.
Buddleja BUZZ™ sind in fünf Farben verfügbar.
Buddleja BUZZ


plant variety amount of young plants per pot selling up from
12-14cm 16-19cm 24-27cm
Aeonium 1 1 -  
Anemone 1 1 1 mid of July
Angelonia Angelface 1 3 3 beginning of June
Bracteantha 1 1 3 beginning of June
Buddleja BUZZ™ 1 1 3 beginning of June
Calendula Powerdaisy 1 1-3 3 beginning of June
Chrysocephallum 'Desert Gold' 1 1-3 3 beginning of June
Cleome 1 1 1-3 beginning of June
Coreopsis 1 1 3 mid of June
Cosmos 'Chocamocha' 1 1 1-3 beginning of June
Cyperus 1 1-3 3 beginning of June
Delosperma 1 1-3 3 end of Mai
Digitalis 1 1 1 mid of June
Echinacea Conetto™ 1 3 x beginning of June
Gaura 1 1 3 mid of Mai
Geranium 1 1 1 end of Mai
Gerbera Everlast™ 1 1 3 beginning of June
Gypsophila 1 1 1
(2x gestutz)
mid of June
Heliopsis 1 1-3 3 mid of June
Hydrangea 'Limelight' 1 1 1-3 beginning of August
Kniphofia 1 1 1 mid of June
Leucanthemum 1 1 1-3 je nach Sorte ab end of Mai
Nepeta 1 3 3 beginning of June
Oenothera 'Lemon Drop' 1 1 3 mid of June
Phlox Opening Act 1 1-3 3 end of June
Phlox Summerstars 1 3 3 end of June
Physostegia 1 1 1-3 end of June
Rudbeckia Summerina 1 1 1 beginning of August
Rhynchospora Sternentänzer™ 1 3 x mid of June
Salvia farinacea 1 1 3 mid of June
Salvia nemorosa 1 1 3 mid of June
Salvia GoGo 'Scarlet' 1 1 1-3 beginning of June
Scabiosa 1 3 3 mid of/end of June
Silene 1 1 1-3 end of Mai
Stokesia 1 1 1-3 end of July
Tagetes 1 1-3 3 end of July
Veronica 1 1-3 3 end of July
Amounts and dates given in this table serve as guidance level. Please contact our regional partners for detailed cultural guidelines for your territory.

Please note:
Herbstzauber™ is a registered trademark owned by InnovaPlant GmbH & Co. KG
Everlast™, is a registered trademark owned by Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG
BUZZ™, Conetto, are registered trademarks owned by Proven Winners Ltd.
Application and protection is a continous and dynamic process and varies between the European countries - updated status information is available upon request.

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